Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Don't like my service? Send a text message to 34007

From the globetrotters at springwise.com: a South African company called 34007 that offers consumers the opportunity to send their complaints -or just plain comments- about service providers via text messaging, a.k.a. sms using mobile phones. As you may already figured it out, the number to send the text message to is 34007, hence the company name.
34007 acts as an information middleman between the consumer and the business, obviously respecting the privacy of the former. Some more details from springwise.com:
Innovatively, every consumer who uses 34007 gets their own web page on www.34007.com, enabling them to view messages sent to and replies received from suppliers. Suppliers in turn get access to their own web site to view consumer's ratings, feedback, set their own message responses, or determine the benefits they want to hand out each and every time customers interact with them.

Look for similar services coming soon in other countries near you.
And much better and more productive than sending a text message to vote for the next "idol".