Monday, January 03, 2005

Mobile Dissatisfaction

Research done by McKinsey and Co. using data from the Better Business Bureau, shows the main causes of customer complaints against mobile (cellular) telephone service providers in the U.S. (Free registration required):

  • Billing and related issues, e.g. statement errors.
  • Carrier’s response to problems at contact centers, such as repeated failure to correct a problem, and contradictory messages from different contact points (even different service representatives at the same Call Center)
  • “Miscommunication” regarding the terms of the contract between customer and carrier.

The authors recommend that all the involved departments in the phone company -customer service, IT, marketing, and retailing- should be synchronized so the customer receives consistent information at all the “touchpoints”, and to concentrate efforts on billing and call-center operations.

How many different stories is your customer hearing from all the contact points along his/her life cycle?

(Can you hear me now...?)