Sunday, February 06, 2005

Perception thru the Ages

Perception equals reality. It is one of our favorite mantras here at Servimétrica. Perception is also affected by many factors, both external and internal. Is the age of the “perceiver” one of them?

Take a look at this entry from David B. Wolfe’s blog, Ageless Marketing. It is about how perception changes across the lifespan of a person. Here’s the copy/paste of a juicy paragraph:

In the first half of life, beginning in adolescence on, perceptions generally reflect an objective bias – more strongly influenced by external factors than by inner-sourced factors. However, as midlife approaches, perceptions generally begin taking on a more subjective bias. What a person feels is the truth increasingly carries greater weight than what others say is the truth. Faith begins to outweigh logic, subjective perceptions often trump objective conclusions.

This has implications on how we want our customers to perceive our service, depending on the demographics that we have chosen to serve.