Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Satisfaction at Airports

When we think about customer service quality in air travel, most of the time we think about airlines. But what about airports?

In their fifth annual Global Airport Satisfaction Index StudySM, J. D. Power and Associates found out that the best rated airports are the ones at Hong Kong (HKG), Singapore (SIN) and Calgary (YYC).

However, one of the most interesting points of this study is that most air travelers still crave the human touch in their transactions. Here’s a copy/paste from their press release:

While overall satisfaction is higher among passengers who check in at curbside, online and at self check-in kiosks, a majority (59%) of passengers check in at the main counter, which takes an average of 19 minutes. Just 18 percent use a self check-in kiosk, which averages 8 minutes, while 10 percent check in at curbside, which averages 13 minutes. While many airlines now allow passengers to obtain their boarding pass through the Internet, currently only 5 percent of passengers use this option.

Anyone remembers the 1987 book Moments of Truth by Scandinavian Airlines’ then-CEO Jan Carlzon?

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