Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mr. Hilton would be proud

No, we are not talking about Paris or Nicky.

According to a recent study from J.D Power and Associates, “Hotel Guest Satisfaction is Up, Despite Rising Room Rates and Increased Occupancies”, and Hilton Hotels grabs top rankings in three of the six market segments.

The measures evaluated in each of the market segments:

  • Check-in and checkout
  • Guest room
  • Food and beverage
  • Hotel services
  • Hotel facilities
  • Costs and fees

What do travelers like in their rooms? Here’s copy/paste:

Amenities of particular interest to consumers include a complimentary breakfast, in-room refrigerators and coffee makers, pillow top mattresses and high-speed Internet access.

That's hot. The in-room coffee that is.

Loss prevention is changing the retail experience

From today’s Washington Post (free registration required) on how gangs of shoplifters are affecting retailers.

Sometimes the measures taken to minimize losses due to theft interfere with the shopping experience. From the guy wearing an earphone following you around the aisles to the labels you can’t read because the product is behind a locked glass door.

More of the same:

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Now leave.

Some interesting findings from the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University: Just as restaurant customers don’t like slow service, they don like to feel rushed either. From the executive summary:

On balance, restaurant patrons do not want to feel that they are being rushed nor do they want to be unduly delayed. Indeed, it is the perception of the speed (or lack thereof), rather than the actual time spent dining, that carries the most weight with restaurant patrons.

(And once again, from the customer’s perspective, perception equals reality).

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yes, we mean it. This blog hasn’t been abandoned

Weeeeere baaack!

Posting twice a week. That’s our commitment. (yep! This one counts)